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Free Test Drive

The Apple iPad is an easy to use free client for all GO-Global platforms.

(Note, all instructions apply for both iPad and iPhone).

From the iPad itself, simply download it from the Apple App Store directly on your iPad and you'll have it ready to communicate in just minutes.

Although you can also download it from the App Store in iTunes directly to your computer hard drive and then sync it to your iPad, we recommend the simple and workable method of downloading it directly to the iPad itself.

First, here's two short documents that will help you get acquainted with the GO-Global iPad client.

  GO-Global iPad Client FAQ GG iPad Client FAQ.pdf      (2 pages)
  GO-Global iPad Client User Guide GG iPad Client User Guide.pdf      (7 pages)

To download and install on your iPad, open up the "App Store" on the iPad and search for "GO-Global".  Download the GO-Global client application and install.

Open the GO-Global client. You will already find a pre-installed shortcut that will take you to the Graphon demo area.

To attach to Resource Dynamics Test Drive area, see the instructions below. Our demo area has applications such as ACT!, Tele-Support HelpDesk, QuoteWerks, GoldMine, and document files.

Easy as 1... 2... 3...

1.   On your iPad, search the App Store for GO-Global. Download and install the free client.
2.   Setup the shortcut for our Test Drive server as shown below.
3.   Click "Connect". The next thing you see is a desktop of applications. Go ahead, try one.

Taking a TEST DRIVE with your GO-Global iPad client.

Resource Dynamics has a test drive demo area where you can see how applications run remotely, either with an iPad or non iPad client. There's nothing different about the application server itself to run on an iPad. The difference is in the client you've just installed.

When you setup a shortcut on the configuration screen of the iPad client, you are going to want to add our Test Drive server to the list along with Graphon demo area.

The data for setting up the iPad client shortcut is as follows:

  IP Address
  User Name tshdguest
  Password helpdesk
  Auto Zoom turn ON
  Auto Launch blank
  Port Number 491
  Image Compression turn ON

You're only a few clicks away from seeing the power of GO-Global.

Before you proceed: Please take a quick look at the User Guide. It will prove helpful. It explains the few simple navigation commands, like single click, double click, right click, and bringing up the keyboard. I promise you it will be worth your time. Now, click on your newly created shortcut. Then click on "Connect" and you should be taken to our Application desktop.

You may need the following:

Note: Application User ID and Passwords:
  Tele-Support HelpDesk
(User ID = Guest             Password = blank)
(User ID = Guest User    Password = blank)
(User ID = Guest User    Password = blank)
(User ID = Guest User    Password = blank))

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